Empyreal Cycle

by Smargroth

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Forged in the darkest atmospheres, the conceptual album offers 9 songs in dynamic black metal style and fantasy inspired songwriting.



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Smargroth Slovenia

The leader of Smargroth, had dwelled in the musical spheres for many eons until he found black metal as a superior genre. He started Smargroth in 2006 and after recruiting other members, in 2009 band published their first album "The Arrival of Necrotronian".

Two years later, new album, Empyreal Cycle, that was forged for 6 months in dark secrecy, is promising to change your days into inferno.
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Track Name: Celestial Epitome
Metal, Fire and Stone,
elements of creation,
come here, I summon thee, now,
elements of the nature.
I call you now, gather around me,
I call you now, evoke me,
I call you now, embrace me,
I call you now, let this world to be!

Emptiness, eternal infinity
will no longer fold into reality.
Void shall grow solidity,
by the force of pure divinity.

Grant me, grant me life to see,
this world and its misery.
Give me, give the strength to me,
to forge the means of suffering.

Metal, Fire and Stone,
elements of foundation,
Stay here, I bid you now,
elements of the universe.
I call you now, gather around me,
I call you now, craft me,
I call you now, fuse me,
I call you now, for this race to breed!

Destruction became construction,
mountains were built, oceans filled.
Power to us, we hold now the seed,
of evil and good, for all that we feed.

New realm arose from the abyss,
force of crystal and fire within.
Fumes of the sky will start breathing,
soon the new nation arrives.
Track Name: Emerging Misery
Once they ruled the world with terror,
now they crawled in the deepest misery.
Yet their power was not diminished,
Fallen ones designed a treacherous plan.

Long before the Day of Wrath,
Echoes of the old revealed the magic.
Wizards gained the source of power,
hidden well, but mightier than anyone knew.

Lightless days were long and dreadful,
darkness hid the effort of the tireless minds.
Triumph was here, the plan succeeded,
brought the sunken realm back to the earth.

No one could possess the force to create,
Echoes of the old faded already.
City returned, but now not with the lights,
deathless creatures bearing nothing but sorrow.

Wizards incapable
to flight out from suffering.
Stayed in hell, spent their force of magic.
Crushed by fate, lost in common memories.
Track Name: Sublime Awakening
Dead claws crawling in silence,
sinister whisper scratch unhallowed,
with dust remembered town standing,

From the cold trail of abyss,
expanding the black quiet hunger,
with embrace the storm growing,

Knead all the breathtaking beauty,
just dust swirls around the waist of
ancient bliss, which the clouds have forgotten,
when the hand of shame fried wheel of life.

I closed my eyes.
I saw the shine and rivers.
That create my mind from sin.
I will arise and amend from the dust.
For glory, pride, life.
Fire, light, eternity.
But never forgotten moan of sin and death.

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